Дея Илиева


“Pinhole Camera Dreams” Yourselves. It is exactly this mysticism of the sacrament of dreams that the presented photographs expose. Stylistically looked at, the space between reality and abstraction is entirely under the power of the creative element of the pinhole. The images look as if they want to come out of their frames. These works are a kind of visual poetry and emotion. The spectators find themselves forced to find their own interpretation, as if they do it while asleep. In the composition the focus is on the female figure as an unrivalled subject of charm, but at the same time as an expression of the invisible inner world – that concealed universe of the woman. The pinhole cannot reproduce details, but as I have already said – dreams are always vague. In most of the photographs the head as a part of the body is missing. The reason why is because it is the place where that thing, which people call “a dream” happens. That lack makes us reflect in our own thoughts and the way we interpret the events that happen around us. Today, in the era of digital photography, it is getting harder and harder to believe that mistakes could be of value and could have their own charm. To accept with humbleness the results of human weaknesses means to declare the superiority and triumph of the surrounding world. This world, the image of which can be seen in a magnificent, pure and crystal clear way only by God, the very creator of it. In a number of the legends, explaining how one or another method in photography started, there is the idea of the image, appearing out of “nowhere”, of its own free will, in spite of and against the man, who hardly subsequently gained the knowledge and ability to reproduce what had happened. All shots are taken with round shoebox pinhole camera.

Pinhole Camera Dreams