Ивелина Бриджис


I moved to Shanghai at the end of 2017. This project has nothing to do with the reasons I went though, so I won’t be focusing on that. At the time, I was still searching for my personal photography style and thought the city has to be one of the best places to explore that. I wasn’t wrong. Being a foreigner in a city of the size of Shanghai is quite challenging, especially if you don’t speak the language or know anyone. The Shanghai madness is real. Everything is too much, the people, the food, the people! I had to find a way to mentally cope with the busyness of the city, to order the reality I was facing everyday. So I started searching for harmony. My main idea was to explore to behavioral patterns of the Shanghainese, to document the daily life in a clean and captivating way by including few people and adding significance to the surrounding environment. As this was happening, I noticed how my subjects were creating surrealistic scenes where humor and fiction formed a lyrical vision of the local life. I had found harmony…

A Shanghainese harmony

Shanghai, China